Best Drugstore Makeup – Lips

So, as promised- here are some of my current favorite drugstore/affordable products for lips. These are products I bought, have personally used, enjoyed and would buy again – If I haven’t already;)

REVLON Color Stay – Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain – Varies in cost but hovers around $8.99. This gel formula is more moisturizing than a regular stain and applies much more evenly than traditional stains. It won’t wear as long as some other formulas but you won’t need to touch up for hours. I like this for brides as it doesn’t flake or crack like many of the stains do after a few hours of wear. I have seen this in up to 12 colors ( they may make more but I have only seen 12) and come in a convenient crayon looking applicator with a twist up feature on the bottom. Perfect for personal use and artists can simply scoop off what they need with a spatula to keep it sanitary. And if you are interested – they are on sale now at ULTA for 40% off (making them $5.39) and at Walgreens (buy 1, get 1 50% off)

Here are a few of mine and the swatches to go with them –

Top to bottom: Honey, Sweetheart, Lovesick, Rendezvous ( My fave!) , Smitten and Crush


photo-36Pictured- Left to right – Honey, Sweetheart, Lovesick, Rendezvous ( My fave!) , Smitten and Crush

RIMMEL Lasting Finish/1000 Kisses Stay on Lipliner pencil – What’s to say? These liners generally cost around $3.99 and perform extremely well. As they are wax based ( opposed to moisture based like lipsticks) I typically line AND fill lips in and then just apply a lip balm (or gloss for evenings) over the top. This method gives me all day color with little to no transfer. For brides, I line and fill in with the liner for a solid base color before apply lipsticks. Provided you blot your mouth and don’t wipe your lips – the base color will stick with you for a pretty long time;) I have seen it available in up to 13 colors and my personal “everyday” color is NATURAL. A nude color that goes with just about anything. Those with darker skin tones may find TIRAMISU to be a better “everyday” option. Note- these are pencils – not twist ups. These do need to be sharpened ( which I prefer for sanitary purposes for myself and my kit)  Other Rimmel lipliners do come in a cream/twist up version.

REVLON Color Stay Ultimate Suede Lipstick – This is something new I am trying out and loving the results so far. This modern matte finish lip color survived on my lips as I SLEPT. Yep. I put it on in the early evening  – fell asleep with it on and woke up to a still perfect pout in the morning. This formula goes on smooth ( shea butter and aloe are the likely reasons) and stays on amazingly well. Something I am considering for my professional kit as it comes in 20 colors, is easily available and affordable. Normally around $9.99 but currently on sale for 40% off at ULTA making it a mere $5.99.

Lip gloss – I can’t offer much here as I personally think most glosses are a waste of money and offer little to no REAL pigment or lasting color differential. I think anyone is better off to get a lip pencil and top with clear gloss or lip color and top with a clear gloss for real color. JORDANA is an inexpensive clear gloss that ( to me) is no different than MAC clear lip gloss other than the fact is is only $2 and found in many drugstores. No artist I ever trained under ever had more than just clear lipgloss in their kit and rarely do I.  I do have LOREAL Sunset Peach in my bag right now and I keep one Peach and one Pink gloss from Sephora’s FRESH GLOSS line in my bridal kit but other than those  – clear always works for shine.

Lip Balm – I am a huge fan of EOS lip balm ( preferred one is the SWEET MINT). This formula comes in an adorable sphere and contains such goodness as vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba oil and offers broad spectrum sun protection. Goes on clear and offers a very mild refreshing tingle. For you earthy girls , you’ll enjoy knowing this product is not tested on animals,contains no animal bi-products is 95% organic, 100% natural and certified organic by VOF, Made in the USA and paraben, gluten, petrolatum & phthalate free. (Whew! Thats a mouthful!!) Price averages around $3.50 and it’s well worth it. It’s pretty cute to have in your bag too – just saying…


Maybe not as earthy or politically perfect is the DCT Lip Balm by Blistex.  I use it in the morning and at night before bed.  Averages $2.50. Not something I keep in my professional kit but just a personal favorite I like to have.



Lip Scrubs – I don’t buy lip scrubs anymore. Fact is – they don’t offer anything more than a tablespoon of Olive Oil and a pinch of fine sugar ( which you can find in your kitchen) and aren’t worth the money for the packaging. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not only good for your insides but is great for skin and lips too;) Avoid salt or lemon in your lip scrubs to avoid irritations on sensitive or chapped lips;) Brown sugar mixed with extra virgin olive oil makes a nice scrub in the winter months though;) It’s one of my favorite winter weekend treats!

While I have many lip-loves in the drugstores, here are just a few. Hope it was helpful and please comment with any questions you may have or other products you’d like to hear about;)

Kristine Marie