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This New Year begins with a story. I will continue to post these stories throughout the year. These are the stories of the faces I meet.

Today we begin with the story of Beth. While I would love to tell you all about her and how we met – I have decided that no one could tell you better than she. So, here is Beth –  in her own words…

Hello friends, my name is Elizabeth Price. I have two children and I am recently a single mother. This has been an exceptionally hard year for me as Im learning what single life is all about. My friend Sharon Elizabeth, who is a photographer, wanted to do so something to make me feel special. Her and I have been great friends since the 6th grade. She called me and asked me to pick a day so her and I could hang out and that she had a special surprise for me. 

We met up at Olive Garden then we ventured through the mall where she picked some outfits for me. (I’m very much a tomboy and a country girl so fashion is not my best talent) She took me over to her friends house where I met a few girls who had tables set up. It suddenly became clear. All of this was for me!! I teared up a bit because I had never been given such a beautiful gift. I met Chelsea with Chelsea Styles who did my hair. She is so funny and sweet and did an AMAZING job with my hair.


Kristine Marie of KristineMarie Makeup Artistry did my makeup. Kristine is such a lovely person and so easy to talk to. She made my face look so beautiful. Premiere 757 Jewelry provided accessories for me as well. I was a little overwhelmed by it all but I was just so grateful for these girls who didn’t know me that were taking time out of their day to make me feel good about myself. 


When they were done they revealed myself to me. (A very big moment for me guys) You see, I’ve always had very little confidence in myself. I stood before the mirror and looked at ME and for the first time in many many years…I felt beautiful! The hair the makeup the clothes the time and effort that was taken on me, gosh it was just a beautiful moment I will never forget. I saw a beautiful women looking back at me in that mirror and if you have been through what I’ve been through then you understand how great of a moment this was. A moment in time just for me. All eyes were on me and I fought back tears of joy and thankfulness so as not to mess up my beautiful face. Each girl hugged me and wished me well and Sharon and I were off. It was a photo shoot for me alone in the middle of nowhere with my best friend in the entire world. 


Words could never be big enough to express the extra special gift that was given to me that day. It wasn’t just clothes and makeup and pretty hair, it was love being expressed to me by people I don’t even know all set up out of the love my best friend has for me. It was a precious gift no one will ever trump. What those girls gave to me was self esteem, self worth, and the ability to see myself as the women God meant for me to be. I will never forget this day and each time I feel discouraged I think about this selfless act of 2 strangers and a best friend and I remember how I felt when I looked in that mirror and it all goes away. 

God places certain people in your life for a reason. Each person has some significance and if these girls can make ME feel beautiful and worth it, they can make you feel that way too. But know this…you already are beautiful. Sometimes a little TLC is what it takes. If I could pay it forward to all of these girls I would and the best way I know how is to let all of you know what great people these ladies are and what a great job they do! Each of them are so very talented and are so easy to talk to. They will make you feel like you have never felt before. Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart.”

Hair: Chelsea Styles     Jewelry: Premiere Designs 757 

Image by: Sharon Elizabeth Photography

  1. Ivory Morgan-Burton
    01st Jan 2013

    This will make you drop a tear. How tender, sweet and sincere. That just starts the opening of sharing. Each lady that shared her talents and heart…just wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing. LOVE IT!

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