Boudoir Style

One of the things I like most about boudoir photography is the endless array of possibilities. From makeup and hair to wardrobing, everything “goes”. There is no one “set” way to do anything. Most begin by choosing what to wear. You can choose soft, comfy clothes that you feel relaxed in such as a fitted t-shirt and a pair of boy shorts, or maybe a silk robe or chemise gown. You could also get a corset with thigh high stockings and high heeled shoes for more of a sexy, sultry look. The most important thing to great photos is feeling good because confidence speaks to the camera in the way of body language. And feeling good- begins with looking that way.

Often what you choose to wear is a strong indicator of the general feel or mood you are going for. Fun and flirty is a great match for a few sexy smiles while wearing his favorite jersey. Diva is more suited to a sultry gaze while wearing a bustier & thong underneath his button down work shirt… and so on…

But – NO boudoir look is every truly complete without the makeup. Upon meeting a new boudoir client I always ask – “Do you want to look like a Diva or the Girl-Next-Door?”  As their answer and wardrobe greatly help me to determine what would be a cohesive look that is also flattering to their individual features. When investing into boudoir photos, the whole idea to is to look and feel at your absolute best, so the small investment (by comparison) of getting a professional makeup/hair stylist is something women are always thankful for when the final photos are presented. Looking good , quite simply, just begins with feeling that way…

Image by Peninsula Boudoir, by Angie Garfield

Click here for more from – Peninsula Boudoir by Angie Garfield

From smokey eyes and nude lips to pin-up inspired and even tastefully done looks with a pop of color – there are as many makeup styles as there are women who choose to do boudoir photos. So- you choose your mood, your wardrobe and  then let your artist/stylist use their expertise and experience to give you a look that will make it all come together in a way to best enhance your final results.

Boudoir makeup has been a speciality of mine since I became a makeup artist and I have worked with some of the more known, respected Boudoir professionals in the region. As a beauty-based makeup artist (opposed to theme/fashion/avant garde based) I pride myself in the ability to provide the natural look for those who desire it as well as a little glam for those who dare. I do warn that due to lighting and photo processing, all makeup for photographic purposes is generally applied a bit heavier than what most of us are used to on a daily basis, but trust me – it looks softer and oh so alluring in the final images.

The best advice I can give to any woman having a boudoir session done is – Trust the Pros! They do this all the time and are very familiar with “what works” in terms of poses, makeup, hair, etc. They certainly don’t stay in business by making you look bad, so let go of the desire to wait for the perfect moment, or perfect body, or perfect anything – as you are never as young and beautiful as you are TODAY. Take the time to show yourself the woman YOU have been missing out on, if “he” likes your photos, then it’s a bonus!

If you are considering Boudoir photos, inquire if they have a makeup artist, and be sure to find out if that artist is responsible for the photos you like in their portfolio. If possible, ask to speak to the artist directly to address preparation or special skin care concerns as well as discuss the look you desire. If you need recommendations on local boudoir photographers, I am lucky to know many whose styles vary depending on what you are looking for. I am happy to give you some suggestions on who you may enjoy working with.

No matter who you choose, it is important to relax and have some fun. It’s about more than just the photos you’ll get – it is enjoying the experience that is all about exploring a new and more confident you!