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  1. 02nd Sep 2011

    I don’t have to say too much about Kristine’s work as a Makeup Artist because her work speaks for itself. I can however, go on and on about her work ethic, easy going nature, and commitment to excellence. She is the epitome of a team player. Kristine does so much more than makeup to ensure the success of creating great images, most of which goes unseen. She never complains about going above and beyond her role and even asks to take on more to assist in anyway. She arrives early and stays late.

    She does a great job of applying makeup to increase the beauty of whomever is sitting in her chair but she also coaches and motivates the models to make sure they feel confident and comfortable. Yes she’s a Makeup Artist but she’s also that person that does the intangible things to make the shoot a success. Every great team has this type of person. I definitely recommend her.

  2. Alice Olson
    02nd Sep 2011

    I highly recommend KristineMarie Makeup Artistry! I have worked with her on many projects including advertisement, boudoir sessions, fashions shoots and weddings.
    Kristine is always professional, kind and on time. I enjoy her company and her ability to make everybody look and feel great.
    She goes above and beyond for all her clients, she uses professional products and is a true professional.

  3. Khalilah
    02nd Sep 2011

    Kristine is awesome! Not only does she excel at Makeup Artistry, she excels at perfection. Everything she does is done with a commitment to excellence. Kristine is an MUA, a stylist, coordinator, director, coach, comedienne, motivator and so much more. Not only is she all of those things, but she is as kind-hearted as one can be. I absolutely enjoy working with her and you will too!

  4. 02nd Sep 2011

    OK…if your looking for a Makeup Artist look no further. Seriously let me just start by saying that if you do not use Kristine then your not getting the best and will not look the best YOU can! I also have never worked with someone with such an amazing personality as well. Why would I recommend her to all my clients if I didn’t know she was the best? I want the best for my clients and after you’ve seen her work you’ll know why. So what are you waiting for…go book her TODAY!

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