Spring Clean your Makeup

Just because you aren’t a makeup artist doesn’t mean you can get away with not cleaning your makeup. Clean makeup and brushes helps to reduce bacteria and potential for eye and skin irritations, infections and acne flare ups. Here are some ideas to help you clean up your makeup bag and it’s goodies for Spring.

1. Remove everything from your makeup bag.

2. Clean plastic type bags with a soapy, warm and wet washcloth (warm water with antibacterial soap works well) to remove any smears and debris. If made of fabric, hand wash in an antibacterial soap and water mix, rinse well and let air-dry upside down.

3. Using a bottle of alcohol (90% or higher), mist over the bag and inside. Keep sprayer about 6-8 inches away.


Pressed powder products (eyeshadows, blush, powder)

1. Using 90% (or higher) alcohol, mist product from 6-8 inches away. This should not *wet* the product. You are looking for a light mist only. The alcohol should dry almost instantly.

2. Using clean tissue, wipe off the top layer of the product.

3. Mist again.

4. Using an washcloth dipped in a mix of water and antibacterial soap, wipe off the outside of containers and let them dry on a clean hand towel.


Liners (brow, eye and lip pencils) 

1. Sharpen pencils.

2. Spray alcohol (same mix as above) onto pencil and inside cap.

3. Replace cap and wipe outside of pencils with a clean washcloth dipped in the water/antibacterial soap mix.


1. Twist bullet all the way up and gently wipe off outer layer of product

2. Spray with alcohol mix (same as above) onto product and inside cap.

3. Replace cap and clean outside of container with washcloth dipped in water/antibac soap mix.




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